In the moment a baby is born, an entire world changes. The first hours project aims to capture when time is going both slow and fast. 

Empty, soft and round bellies, tiny fingers and toes. Sparkling eyes in tired faces. C-section scars and maternity pads. 

Motherhood comes in all shapes, sizes and forms. 

Hannah Hofmann would like to portray the diversity of giving birth in Ireland and capture you and your baby/babies the days after giving birth (all photographs aim to be taken up to 72 hours after birth).

She will capture you and your family in a lifestyle type session for an hour or two. It will be a snapshot of those first hours together, the moment a mother and a baby is born. No need to get your hair done or pick out something special to wear. The sessions will be free of charge. A photo consent form will have to be signed and in return you will receive edited digital photographs as a keepsake.

We are currently looking for moms due between the beginning of August to the middle of September around Cork City.

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