Talitha, Thiago and Oliver

Baby Oliver was born on the 31st of August at 11:04 pm weighing 7lbs and 11oz. Welcomed by the proud parents Talitha and Thiago. 

Talitha had been a patient woman, waiting for he son to arrive, when she was well overdue from her estimated date. Even going into labour she was confident this would be a natural birth, supported by her husband and her doula. But birth teaches us, even the most prepared birth plan come with the possibility of change. Before Oliver arrived, Talitha said everything happened very quickly all of the sudden. Distressed by a long labour, he was showing signs of trouble in the womb and the doctors prepped for an emergency c-section. 

Thankfully both mother and son are doing well and were happily breastfeeding when I visited them three days after. 

Please find the full gallery below:

Eabha, Séamus, Donnchadh and baby Sadhbh

Eabha and Séamus welcomed their daughter Sadhbh on the 26th of August at 7:52 pm weighing 7lbs and 9 oz. When I arrived in the room, baby Sadhbh was peacefully sleeping in Mamo’s arms, dad Séamus and older brother Donnchadh were somewhere in the hospital and Eabha resting in bed.

Originally a c-section had been planned for the coming Friday, but due to changing circumstances, the doctors ultimately decided to move it to an earlier date. With a change in dates, preparations to welcome the newest member of the family had been thrown off course a little bit. And so it happened that Sadbhb didn’t have a name yet, when she was born.

Eabha later on told me that her father is a Gaelgóir and she grew up speaking Irish at home. Being fond of the language and having a love for Irish names, Eabha and Séamus decided on Sadhbh Ellen. Sadhbh meaning ‘sweetness’ or ‘goodness’ in Irish and Ellen after Séamus’ mother.

Sadhbh is just about 19 hours young in the below gallery, pictured with mom, dad and big brother.