Who can participate?

Currently we are looking for mothers due between the beginning of August until the middle of September 2019 located around Cork City. The project might expand to other parts of Ireland during a second phase.

Will I have to pay? 

The images will be taken completely free of charge. You will receive a selection of digital photographs which you are free to get printed if you would like. Prints will not be provided.

Where will my photos be displayed?

The images taken might be displayed on and offline. You can opt to not have your full name displayed. Copyright will remain with the artist, Hannah Hofmann

I am expecting twins/multiples, can I take part?

Of course. All moms of all walks of life are welcome.

My baby/babies was/were born early. Should I still call you?

Absolutely. The aim of this project is to portray motherhood in its diversity. Giving birth unfortunately doesn’t always mean taking your baby home with you right away. If you are comfortable with me documenting your first days in NICU, I would be honoured to do so. 

What if I really don’t like an image?

This project aims to empower women and never to embarrass someone. Images published will be carefully selected and portray a realistic motherhood moment. These photos won’t be photoshopped. For example: If you have dark circles under your eyes from a long labour, these will remain.

Would you also capture a birth?

I would be honoured to capture the moment your baby is born. However, I currently can’t commit to being on call.

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